We are located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Singapore, a ‘heartland’ characterised by public housing and lifestyles
rooted in local traditions. Here, you won’t find mega shopping malls and man-made attractions, but you will have privy to a
selection of cultural cuisines, traditional coffee shops (fondly known as "kopi-tiams") and great bargains from friendly retailers.
Two other distinctive heartlands are within walking distance: Tiong Bahru estate and Everton Park, where a number of
hipster joints have settled in recent years, providing an interesting experience made up of the new and old. So come and
experience authentic Singapore by staying in a heartland, and in the meantime, be a responsible traveller with us. We are
only a 5-minute bus ride away from Outram Park MRT station. Alternatively, you can always walk from the MRT station to our hostel.  


Tree In Lodge
Block 149, Silat Avenue, Unit No. 01-64
(Outram Park)
Singapore 160149

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Directions from Outram Park MRT to our Hostel

  • After coming out from the train, follow the (PurpleNorth-East line signage to go down one level, into an underpass.
  • At the end of the underpass, turn left to EXIT H (New Bridge Road).
    • Look out for directional signage at the end of the underpass pointing to Exit H.
  • Take the escalators to street level (New Bridge Road).
  • At the bus stop (#05069) besides Exit H, take either Bus No. 147 or 961 (bus fare SGD1.10).
  • Alight at the 3rd bus stop, besides the Sikh Temple (the bus ride is only 5 mins).
  • You have reached Block 149! Walk down the block and you will find us around the corner! Cool


Alternatively, you can WALK from Outram Park MRT ...

  • At the end of the underpass, continue straight to EXIT F (Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore General Hospital).
  • Take the escalators/lift to street level (Eu Tong Sen Street).
  • Turn right and walk down Eu Tong Sen Street in the direction of the Bus Terminal (Bus Terminal is only 20m away).
  • Approximately 10~12 minutes later, you will walk past Silat Road Sikh Temple.
  • Cross the traffic junction at College Rd and you will see our hostel!
  • View map to see walking route (in blue dotted line).



For those who FLY into Singapore:

  • It takes approximately 38 mins by MRT* from Changi International Airport to Outram Park MRT station (EW16) on
    the East-West line (it's the Green line on the MRT map).

(*) MRT = Mass Rapid Transit, Singapore’s public train transport service



For those who CYCLE from Johor Bahru, Malaysia** into Singapore via the Causeway:

  • Upon exiting from Singapore’s Immigration and Customs Building, keep right to go to “Woodlands Road” immediately
    (NB: there is a BIG signboard in front, you can’t miss it!)
    • Failure to do so will result in riding on Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) which is illegal and dangerous to ride for
      touring cyclists (NB: Penalty SGD100.00)
    • If you are unsure, approach the police officer on duty at the Immigration and Customs Building’s exit for
      directions to “Woodlands Road”
  • Continue straight on Woodlands Rd -> Upper Bukit Timah Rd -> Clementi Rd towards Commonwealth Ave West.
  • Turn left to Commonwealth Ave West.
  • Continue straight on Commonwealth Ave West -> Commonwealth Ave towards Alexandra Road
    (NB: You will be cycling along the MRT line all the way here).
  • Turn right to Alexandra Rd and continue towards Jalan Bukit Merah.
  • After IKEA Store, turn left to Jalan Bukit Merah ... you are reaching soon … …
  • Continue straight down Jalan Bukit Merah
  • After crossing under an expressway flyover/bridge, continue another 250m to the traffic junction.
  • We are just besides the traffic junction – BLOCK 149 Laughing
  • Total distance = 28km
  • View google map for route details.

(**) It is strictly NOT ALLOWED to cycle on the "Second Link" from Malaysia into Singapore (western entry). There
have been many cases where cyclists are known to have cleared the Malaysian immigration, cycled across the
bridge, only to be turned back by the Singapore authorities at the Singapore side. Do not attempt this route unless you
have nothing to do or have the legs to cycle another 30km back to Johor Bahru (JB).


For those who travel by BUS from Malaysia into Singapore:

  • Buses that stop at Kranji MRT station = Causeway Link CW1, SBS 170 & 160
  • Buses that stop at Marsiling MRT & Woodlands MRT station = SMRT 950
    • From any of the above MRT stations, board the next train on North-South line (Red line) towards
      Jurong East
    • Alight at Jurong East Interchange (NS1/EW24) and proceed to opposite platform (on the same level)
      to catch the next train heading east towards Pasir Ris (East-West Green line).
    • Alight at Outram Park MRT station (EW16).
    • Refer to above "Directions from Outram Park MRT" on how to get to us from Outram Park MRT
  • Buses that stop at Queen Street = Singapore-Johore Express & SBS 170 (with Red plate indicating “Queen St”
    as final destination) *** 
    • Alight at Queen St Bus Terminal.
    • Walk down Queen St towards “Rochor Road” (not towards “Arab Street”, please …).
    • You will see Bugis MRT Station.
    • Take MRT from Bugis to Outram Park (approximately 8 mins travel time).

(***) Due to immigration and customs formalities, you have to alight from all buses with your entire luggage in tow at
both Malaysia’s and Singapore’s checkpoints. When you finally clear immigration/customs, your original bus might have already
left (Don’t panic). Proceed to the appropriate queue line for the next bus. If you are taking SBS bus no. 170, please ensure before
boarding that the incoming bus 170 has a red plate indicating “Queen St”, i.e. this bus is routed to ferry passengers all the way
to its last terminal at Queen St, a journey that runs through Singapore from the north to the south, offering a glimpse of the
different residential areas of the city state. Definitely a route less travelled by the conventional travellers into Singapore
(recommended if you have the time).


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MRT map

Download MRT map, http://www.smrt.com.sg/trains/network_map.asp


Google map

Directions from Outram Park MRT to Hostel

Bus Route > View Larger Google Map

Walking Route > View Larger Google Map

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